martes, 21 de julio de 2009

Cave In - Planets Of Old

From: Boston, Massachusets, US.
Label/Release Date: Hydra Head, 2009.
Genre: Rock, Hardcore, Space-rock.
Similar Artists: Failure, Rush, Giant's Chair, Old Man Gloom, Snapcase.

Cuatro temas, que sin llegar a ser increíblemente buenos como en los tiempos del "jupiter" o del "until your heart stops", al menos están cargados de intenciones de volver a ser tan grandes como lo fueron antes de su fichaje por RCA. Pecados menores como separar temas con tralla y y otros más líricos, cuando la gracia era cómo conseguían fundir esos dos conceptos, y un sonido un poco plano no consiguen emborronar algo que para ser un ep y haber pasado tanto tiempo, es más que admirable...

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martes, 7 de julio de 2009

Bergraven - Till Makabert Väsen

From: Stockholm, Sweden
Label/Release Date: Hydra Head, 2009.
Genre: Black Metal, Metal.
Similar Artists: Flatline, Alice In Chains, Mayhem.

"It’s not an album about beauty or Vikings, but instead obsessed with its own ugliness, dropping a major chord or big chorus in just when things are on the verge of being too displeasing for too long.Once the ugliness becomes familiar, its obscured textures come out: those spidery arpeggios are straight up oddball jazz, like what would happen if Varg Vikernes listened to Cecil Taylor or John Coltrane’s “Om” instead of, you know, thinking all non-Aryan races were inferior. And Bergraven’s darkness isn’t an angsty or misanthropic lot, but instead an interesting study of shadowy corners, completely mature in its execution as opposed to being trapped in a corpsepainted state of arrested development."

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